Monday, November 10, 2014

scan day

"you will have bad times,
but they will always wake you up to the stuff you weren't paying attention to."
(robin williams)
scan day.
went i got to the cancer care alliance building, i got to see beth in her chemo bay for a few minutes before i checked in for my appointment. it felt both surreal and in a very odd way comfortable to walk those halls again. a big part of my life happened within those hallways, i feel like there is still a part of the old me that never made it out of there. i have not been in those hallways since the last day that i had my high dose treatment, but i remember so well the hallways, even the specific rooms that i was in. i can still remember who was with me in the rooms while i was getting treatment each day. when i was receiving treatment, i never could have forecasted that on november 10, 2014, i would be back in those rooms to sit with my friend as she started her last chemo treatment and as i prepared to go in for another scan as a stage iv patient. but you never know what life will throw at you, or those that you love. so on this day as i sat next to beth i felt thankful that although both of us would rather be anywhere else in the world than there, at least never of us were there alone. for that we are lucky beyond words.

after i left beth, it was check-in time for me. the usual paperwork. the usual bracelet.
as seems to be the norm, my veins were not super eager to cooperate today. so the iv hook up took longer than i would like. but on the good news side of the day, they have apparently changed what melanoma patients drink before ct scans. no more contrast, instead two bottles of water within 30 minutes. it is much easier to drink water, but i have to say, drinking two bottles of water in 30 minutes on an empty stomach is not as easy as it sounds.
unfortunately, they still push contrast through my iv when i get the ct scan so i still feel like hell after the scans. ugh.
as usual, ellie was my post-scan snack superhero. we hung out for our 30 minute wait after the scans to make sure that i didn't have any reaction to the contrast. we were also hanging out with matthew mcconaughey and he says to tell you all hello;)

i got home and crashed out hard.
woke up a few hours later to pick up malena from school. decided on the way there that i deserved a little treat from starbucks so we picked up a green tea to try and help my stomach settle a bit.
i spent the rest of tonight spending some quality time with my favorite couch and my favorite blanket. one of my go to combinations when i am feeling rough.
thank you for all of the love, good vibes, and prayers for me and beth today. i really appreciate it from the very bottom of my heart. it is so comforting to know that no matter what comes at 9am on wednesday, we will not face it alone.
that is one thing that i know for sure.

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