Monday, November 24, 2014


you turned 6.

you got to have chocolate donuts for breakfast.

you were super excited to go to the aquarium. that was your specific ask for your birthday.

you picked out a frosted snowman cookie at starbucks for an after school treat for the drive to seattle. you love frosted cookies, especially if they have some sprinkles.

you wanted to see the fish, the sharks, the otters, and the divers in the big tank.

you held the map, you wanted to lead the way. you always do, i think that i know who you get that trait from.

you loved to watch the seals, they are always your favorite. one of them came right up to the window and just looked at you for the longest time. it was like he was there specifically to give you his personal birthday wishes.

you wanted to go on the merry go round. twice. you never want to only go once.

you were very focused on your horse coming in first in the merry go round race, magically, no matter which horses we pick on any carousel we have ever been on, your horse is always the one that comes in first place.

you played with the pizza dough non-stop that they gave you at the place we went to for dinner. i loved watching the smile across your face as you played and played.

you were so excited about the "big" horse that you got for your stable that papa built for you, i wonder if you will grow up to be a veternarian.

you sat next to me as we watched project runway and you got to stay up late because it was your birthday. you wanted jelly beans as your special treat, and i was kind of happy about that because i really love those jelly beans too.

you fell asleep and i watched you for a bit and wondered what your birthday dreams were  made of.

whatever they were, i hope with everything i have that they all come true.

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