Tuesday, November 25, 2014


this day.

this is chase's day.

i do not think that there are three more important words on this day to say than "happy birthday chase".

keep on fighting chase, you are one of the strongest warriors i know.

here is a post chris, chase's dad, wrote to him today.

"Happy Birthday BT

Chaser, I have been racking my brain trying to figure out what to get you for this day. I planned on giving you the first skate on our outdoor rink, but the weather had other plans. I have realized that there is nothing I can buy at a store right now that will make a difference, so I decided to give you my words, and share how much you have given me- I know there will come a day when you will read and understand this, but until then, I hope you feel it. It was 6 years ago today that you were graciously given to this family, and Chaser, it was 6 years ago you completed this family! Ever since the day you were born you have been special. Not more special than your brother and sister, but special in a different way. Countless times, your mom and I sat in silence, with huge smiles, watching you roll around on the floor, listening to you coo at all hours of the night, watching you sleep, most of the times if were weren't discussing it, we where thinking it- that you were an angle sent to this family. Your brother and sister earned a nickname when they were young, but when you were two years old I gave you a special one. There has always been this indescribable power that you possess. The power to light up a room with your 3 mile smile. The power to make people stop and smile at you. Anywhere we went people would say hi to you and give a compliment. You did, and stll continue to bring this family together as one. I gave you the nickname Big Time. For years I have told people that I knew you were going to be Big Time in life! I guess prior to your accident, I thought you were going to be a professional hockey player, a movie star, or even the president- i really didn't know.....but I KNEW you were going to be Big Time. Today is your day buddy, and a lot has changed since I gave you this nickname. You have obviously gone through more than anyone can ever imagine. As you have persevered threw your countless challenges, and always manage to come out on top, not only have lived up to your nickname, but you have surpassed any possible expectation I could have ever dreamt up. With your incredible will to live, and your silent, but captivating spirit, you have taught me more about life and myself than I you could have learned in any book or on my own. You make your mom and I want to be better people! Although the pain and challenges you face each moment of your little world right now make my heart ache, please know that you have forever changed us for the better -as you have changed my definition of Big Time. To be honest with you Chaser, looking back a year and a half ago, I didn't have a clue what life was really about- you have taught me, and continue to teach me,- why we are here, what is really important, and how great God really is.
We are soooo proud of you BT! And may this B-Day and every B-Day to follow just be another progressive chapter in your entire book of recovery. I know the Big Guy has a plan for you, in my heart I know it is to bring you completely back and give you a smile and voice again. Until then, your silence continues to speak volumes! Happy Birthday Chaser!

God is Good!"

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