Thursday, November 6, 2014

goodbye october

oh october, you were a good month. i really liked you. a lot.
in addition to perfecting my awesome pumpkin carving skills (as you can see from the image above), i did tackle my to do list. i didn't get it all done, but that is ok, that is what november is for.

++ you already know about our painting session
++ as you can see, i didn't quite make 50 miles (damn you fall darkness and rain for cutting down on my running time) but i did make 40. not too shabby.
++ thanks to my mom for sharing some of her succulents (and my dad for spray painting the pot for me), i have some gorgeous succulents in my window that make me very happy. thanks parental team - you are the best;)
++ i am all over getting a new driver's license in november -- you will see why when i show you the before and the after. hint - long, blonde hair + pregnant. enough said.
++ clearly, 3 new recipes didn't happen this month, but i am kicking it up a notch for november - because you know that i am all over these apple pecan pies like white on rice
++ you know that i loved the happiness of pursuit and i am now about half way through wonder and am loving it (thanks chris --xoxo)
++ i am all signed up for a 5k in december - bring it on.
++ malena's bday party got planned and was a success -- and after being around 19 six year olds, i had a little party of my own. here is a hint.

++ barrett and i snuck in a date night with good food and a chance to catch up and talk about things other than breakfast, dinner, who is picking up, who is dropping off, etc.
++ i am all over ordering chatbooks to document my instagram pics
++ i did get caught up a bit on 2014 pics, i am not totally caught up, but i new better than to make "totally caught up" a goal;)
thanks october, it was fun kicking it with you for 31 days. thanks also for the inspiration for one of my november goals -- drink hard cider (why didn't i think of that before?;).
happy weekend peeps - make the most of it, we are going to be laying low and getting ready for scan week. start sending your good thoughts our way. xo

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  1. Love it! I just added Drink Hard Cider to my November list. Why have I not thought of that before. No matter what at least one item will get crossed off ;)