Tuesday, November 11, 2014

anticipation of results + november goals

i am going to write this one out earlier in the day than normal since i find myself with some unexpected quiet time while malena takes a nap.

wednesday at 9am we will be in the room waiting on the results. my stomach has already kicked into being in total knots and i am a nervous wreck. i had a massage today and i think that every muscle was as tense as it could possibly be. it is officially that time when i want time to speed up if it is good news so i can breathe, and to slow way down in case it isn't. but unfortunately, no one gave me control of time, so i sit and i wait while the second clock goes tick tock, tick tock, etc.

but i decided today that regardless of what happens tomorrow, i have some goals for november so i might as well crank the list out. as you can see, i felt super ambitious taking on the goal of drinking two hard ciders this month -- it will be hard, but i think that i can do it. i think that it is good to have goals that make you reach out of your comfort zone a little bit;)

thanks again for all of the good vibes, prayers, and mojo -- beth and i will both take them with us tomorrow as we head in for our appointments. beth goes in at 11:15 for her appointment, so we are going to need good vibes coming to seattle all morning long.

here we go again peeps.

anywhere i go, you go. xoxo

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