Sunday, November 9, 2014

here we go again

             "i survived because the fire inside me burned brighter than the fire around me."
(joshua graham)
this weekend was the usual pre-scan type of weekend for me, constant motion. one thing about scans and results is that i can't sit still.
i got in a good run on saturday morning. per my scan orders, i can't exercise for 24 hours before i go in for the scans. luckily, it was a gorgeous fall morning, blue sky, fall leaves all around - perfect for cranking out a 3.5 miler. my friend kerry and i committed to each getting in 50 miles of exercise in november, so i have got to get on my game.

on saturday  afternoon we headed into town on a whim for some fajitas as i had been having a craving for them. we walked around, checked out a shop that i have been wanting to pop in to, and then wrapped the time up with some ice cream from my two favorite guys - ben and jerry.

today we hung out at an urban farm, fed some chickens, went on a hike in the rain, and had a great sunday afternoon adventure.
in between all of our adventures there were campouts, a ton of playing, lots of hugs, quite a few tears. it would not be a weekend before scans without the tears.
so tomorrow we head in for a 10:45am check in time. my friend beth is having her last round of chemo tomorrow and we will be at the cancer center in seattle at the same time. i am going to go and see her in her chemo bay before i go into my appointment. wednesday i get results at 9am, and beth goes in to have her chemo tube removed from her port. for the last time. a big week for both of us. so ironic that this year comes down to both of us being there on the same days for such important moments. please send her lots of mojo and good vibes as she wraps up this year of treatment and surgeries. i am so, so proud of her and how brave and strong she has been all year, and i know that she will continue to be.
so send us seattle girls your love, mojo, and prayers this week -- like always, we are going to need them. xo

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