Sunday, October 12, 2014


"here is a test to find out whether your mission in life is complete.
if you're alive, it isn't."
(lauren bacall)
well hello sunday night, i would say nice to see you but i am pretty sure that you know that wouldn't be the entire truth. but i do appreciate that you came only after many good things happened over the last two days. so, thanks for taking your time to show up, i appreciate that immensely.
your friends friday and saturday gave quite a bit to be thankful for.
+++ a date night with two of my favorite peeps, and seeing the movie "gone girl" (which is really good).
+++ a trip through the corn maze at our local pumpkin patch (i am always so, so thankful to be at that patch every year. may there be many, many more trips through the maze to come).

+++ getting a good run in, i love running with my feet moving through the fall leaves. i got also got an october goal checked off the list, i am all registered for my next 5k which will be in december.
+++ making some good progress on kicking my to do list in the you-know-what.
+++ watching our little mermaid swim her little heart out. that girl can fly down that lane. i love to watch her swim.
+++ time catching up on pictures, one of my most favorite things to do.
+++ reminding myself of this as needed.
+++ a sunday afternoon spent outside in the fresh air with my girl.

+++ time reading the happiness of pursuit which i am loving. big time.
so here comes monday, i just need to make it through the work day, and then it is on to gymnastics and my monthly dinner with chris. good motivation to get going with the day.
hope the start of your week is good as well.
important sidenotes:
+++ mary got approval for her scans through her insurance -- woot woot!! so we will be sending her lots of mojo through the week as her scans are on friday.
+++ beth starts her next round of chemo tomorrow so send her lots of mojo, loves and prayers.

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