Tuesday, October 7, 2014

the days

the days when nothing seems to go right.

work is super demanding and full of issues. not stop, back to back, one after another.

the night is filled with an unhappy little one, and all hope of having some fun before bedtime is totally lost.

you feel like you didn't have one moment to catch your breath. just even once.

the day finally draws to a close, and in some ways, you want it to be over. or to have the chance to rewind it and see if would play out the same. you aren't sure which option you would take.

but you try hard to remember before you lay your head down and close out the day, that it was a day.

it may have been a damn hard one. but it was one.

and for that, above all else that the day held, you are thankful.

you catch your breath, get ready to dig in for another day, and prepare to carry on.

you always carry on.

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