Tuesday, October 14, 2014

quiet days

these days.

there is so much going on that there isn't time for everything. that is always the case right? but sometimes it seems that feeling is amplified.

so i am trying to find ways to get a tiny bit of time to catch my breath when i can.

although there is so much to always say on this blog, writing in this space is also one the things that i trade for sleep, reading, or just having a moment to do absolutely nothing at the very end of the day.

so in these weeks leading up to my scans, when six months of time feels like it is crashing down all around me, i need those pockets of time. to breathe in those moments when i feel like there just isn't enough air.

so there will likely be more days than usual when this space is a little quiet, when there are no new words on the page.

i am going to trade some words here for some deep breaths.

feels like a smart trade for me at this point in time.

happy hump day peeps, we are halfway there.

+++ i don't know about you, but i am a huge sucker for pecan pie. big time. so there was no doubt when i saw the recipe for apple pecan pies that i was going to be whipping these up this fall. yes please and yum.

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