Tuesday, October 21, 2014

mary, part ii + one for the candy corn lovers

great news came on friday!!

mary's scans were clear - you may have heard me yelling "yes!!" from wherever in the world you are. so, so happy for her -- couldn't be better news on a friday than to hear that you friend is "dancing with ned (no evidence of disease)". go mary go, keep kicking melafuckonoma's you-know-what. you've totally got this!

i love good news on scan weeks.

i plan to keep the good mojo going.

totally unrelated sidenote:
+++ if you love candy corn (sasha, you know that i am talking to you) then there is a fall treat mix that is super easy and looks super good that you are probably going to love. check out this fall candy treat mix. you are welcome candy corn peeps;)

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