Wednesday, October 15, 2014


my friend jenny is the one who inspired me to do the collage wall. i saw pictures of a wall in her home and was so inspired to find just the right pieces and put together one of my own.

jenny inspired me again today (as she does everyday) with a post she wrote about her home, and how it includes only things that they love. i love to read her words. so check out this post and get inspired.

when writing about jenny in this month of october, i can't finish this post without linking to her words that i shared last october. jenny is a breast cancer fighter. in this month last year, jenny wrote this "dear miss martha, i don't want a month i want a cure" post. i wish that everyone could read these words because i believe that it would inform their thoughts about cancer and so many related aspects of it from the cancer fighter's perspective.

fight on jenny, fight on. you rock.

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