Sunday, April 20, 2014

thank you easter bunny

our weekend was a great one.

tons of family. tons of laughter. lots of hugs. you know i love all of those.

we (ok, i) ate some chocolate, and drank some hard cider. yum.
we dyed easter eggs, both the young and the not-quite-so-young-anymore. which totally makes sense since we are all still kids at heart right? right.

we got to hang out with this guy. i heart my dad.

we made funny faces.

we (ok, malena) played dress up and had a fancy tea party with our cousins which included some chocolate donuts and juice served on an actual tea set. the best.
we loved being surrounded by tulips.
we (ok, malena) loved wearing our new easter dress and decided that everyone should take a picture with us when they came into mema and papa's house.

we devoured my mom's famous eggs benedict that she makes every easter morning. so, so good. i am surprised i am not still at the table eating some now. i might need to head back there right now and have her whip up some more sauce (because there was none, zip, zero left).

we (ok, malena) found where the easter bunny hid the eggs and we found our baskets.

we finally got to meet the newest addition to our family in person. we love him. a lot.

we took some pictures just because if you can, you should.
i hope that whatever filled your weekend was good. xo

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