Thursday, April 3, 2014

hello again + good vibes needed for beth

so i had good intentions of writing a post each night this week, clearly, that didn't happen. i was going to write about the retreat (where i took the above pic) and just kind of catch up in general. what did happen is that the cold that has been rocking my world for a week kept on rocking. so instead of staying up like i normally do, i crashed as soon as malena did which i am sure makes my big brother (and we all know it also makes my mom) super happy. i didn't stay up to email. i didn't stay up to blog. i didn't stay up to check out the latest on instagram. i took some serious cold meds. i pulled on my flannel pants and my favorite hoodie sweatshirt, wrapped myself up in my favorite blanket (thank you sasha), and went lights out. hoping that the cold officially hits the road and that life resumes to normal next week (except of course for staying up past my bedtime if my brother is reading this).

but my cold is completely insignificant.

what is not insignificant (by a longshot) is that my dear friend beth has been in the hospital since monday due to complications from her chemo and radiation. i am so glad that she has the right peeps around her to give her whatever it is she needs to make her feel better, but am frankly pissed off at the cancer fates that she is there in the first place (or that she even has to personally deal with cancer to begin with but there are not enough words to cover how i feel about that). so, please, please, please (i know you will) send beth your good vibes, mojo, and prayers that she gets out of the hospital as soon as possible and starts feeling better than she has over this last week. we both thank you, i know that she loves getting good mojo coming from all of you and she knows that i was going to be asking for it tonight to give her that extra boost so that they give her checkout papers tomorrow;)

i hope that you have a good weekend whatever you may be up to. our weekend is going to include campout nights and popcorn (but you already knew that), the annual melanoma symposium that we go to each year (hoping that this year's event is not as traumatic for us as last year's was), and then sunday is going to be spent celebrating a dear friend and the upcoming arrival of her baby boy which i am so, so excited and happy about!

anywhere i sneeze, you sneeze;) xo

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