Monday, April 14, 2014

happy mail + picnics

last week i got a big package and i had no idea what was in the box, i didn't even know who the box was from as the name on the return address wasn't familiar to me. but i could tell immediately it was happy mail and so of course i was super excited to open it up.

inside of the box was the cutest picnic basket i have ever seen. ever. ever. ever.

inside the picnic basket were awesome plates, cups, napkins, silverware, and a disposal camera to capture special moments.

there was a clue for me to open that gave me our picnic mission.
so after malena's gymnastics practice tonight we headed to whole foods to get some tasty picnic food and then we headed to the park.

we spread out our blanket, got all of our goodies out, and had a wonderful picnic while the sun went down.

it was such a great way to spend our monday night, i loved every second of it.

so to kate, my new friend from california, i thank you a million times over for giving us an experience we would otherwise not have had. the best part is that we decided that we are going to go to the park for picnics every monday night for the rest of spring/summer for as many nights as the weather cooperates with us.

picnics are my new best friend. i think that we are going to be pretty inseparable from now on.

if i could give you one idea for the spring and summer, it would be this --- get a picnic basket. make a plan to eat dinner out of a picnic basket one night a week, even if you sit outside in your own yard. it is amazing how much more fun dinner is when you are eating it on a blanket.

and if you are looking for us on mondays, we will see you at the park. bring your basket.

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