Tuesday, August 27, 2013

up, up and away

one day closer to friday, i am loving that. i really need a weekend again. wednesday is also the day that i will ride in a hot air balloon - very much looking forward to that (thanks jen and mike, xo).

here are a couple of links that i thought were worth sharing:
+++ the openings words, "time is a bullet train", sucked me into this post from the very start. those words are so true.
+++ this post made me smile
+++ i am going to unicorn melanoma every chance i get
+++ seattle seahawks support melanoma education with free cancer screenings and that makes them awesome in my book
+++ wow, these look so good
+++ love kelly's words about what she is grateful. reminder that there is always so much to be thankful for.
+++ inspired by kelly rae's kindness mission and thinking about what my mission will be. you know i am all about the kindness. anyone else in?
+++ so true
+++ i am sucker for lists of good things, and liz's list is full of good things. i especially love the anne sexton quote "put your ear down close to your soul and listen hard." i think that when i do that my soul tells me to open an etsy site to sell my cards. will have to listen a little bit harder to see if that is really what it is saying.

i also wanted to share the latest update on chaser -- keep sending him your good vibes;)
"A little bump in the road......
Written August 26, 2013 10:59pm
It had seemed so long since I had made that drive up 35E to see Chase in the hospital, but while I made it again this evening, it brought me right back to 4 months ago when I did it daily. At 5:30pm , with the cruise set, peering over the wheel with my mind battling with concern, doubt and fear- I headed North to Children's in St. Paul where the ambulance had just taken Lisa and Chase to the ER.
The last couple of days have been a little rough for Chaser. He has been throwing up, coughing more frequently, and as of 3am, had an on and off fever of 103. Lisa brought him to therapy this afternoon, but when they got there, he was very flush and had a fever of 102. She decided to leave therapy and bring him to his doctor to have him checked out. Once there, they determined he had an ear infection, and what appeared to be a little pneumonia in his lungs. After checking his oxygen level, and finding it was only at 84%, they decided to sent him to Childrens in St. Paul via ambulance.

When I arrived to the ER, I opened the door to find Chase lying on the bed in his blue hospital gown, with and oxygen tube hooked up to his little nose, and two nurses getting ready to put an IV in him. He didn't look near as bad as I had pictured him on the drive up. Nor did Lisa have much, if any, look of concern on her face. :) They drew some blood, took some urine and sent them off to the lab. While we waited for the results, Lisa and I ordered our favorite pizza from Pizza Luce and watched some TV with Chaser. The white and red blood cells came back normal! The nurse explained that the X-Rays were inconclusive as to him having Pneumonia or not, but with the thick stuff he was spitting up, and his breathing where it is, and his fever, there is a good chance there is some kind of virus or infection, so they put him on an andtiboitic. Once done getting his initial med, they transferred us up to the unit we had spent the first three weeks back home in. When we arrived to the room, we were greeted by a very familiar pretty smile that had taken such good care of Chaser 4 months ago- Mary! She had even drawn Chaser a little Captain America sign on the dry erase board to welcome him back. Knowing Chaser and mom where in great hands, and with his vitals looking good, I headed home to the other 2 waiting with Lana. I took the same way home that I had taken there 4hrs prior. But this time, instead of fear and doubt on my face, I wore a grin. Visting that ward again tonight, made me realize how far Chaser has really come. Last time we were there, we were battling Neuro-Storms, muscle tone, sleep patterns, pain, and wondering if we were ever going to get to bring Chase home again. - I truly am thankful for how much progress our little guy has made! He may have to spend a couple of nights there to get over this one, but he'll be ready hit it hard again in no time. God is Good!"
i hope that you all have a great wednesday.
anywhere i fly, you fly. xo

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  1. so funny. I loved that unicorn post from KH and totally thought of you when I read it. I think you are unicorning the hell out of that black beast. I hope you have a fantastic flight today. oxox Jill