Sunday, August 25, 2013

oh monday, are you really here already?

this weekend was a good one. our first one at home in a long time so it was good to just be here. i was ready for some much needed down time.

top ten reasons i loved my weekend in no particular order:
1) i didn't work
2) sleeping in and slow saturday morning with fresh carrott/raspberry juice

3) nerd had a good birthday on friday
4) lunch, pedi, and shopping with my friend christina on friday afternoon. awesome way to get the weekend started. thank you banana republic and anthro for having some clothes that i couldn't live without. my wallet and i both thank you.
5) dinner date with barrett on friday, can't really remember the last time we got to do that
6) malena wearing her princess dress all day long on saturday, days are just better when you have a princess around. don't you agree?

7) getting lots of happy mail ready to go out into the world tomorrow, love that.
8) breakfast at portage bay cafe (yum!!!) and catching up with our friend kimberly. perfect sunday morning.

9) getting some major progress done on our disneyland pictures, so happy about that.
10) lots of hugs, laughs, quiet, and deep breaths.

there were a couple of things that i loved and put in to the garage sale, but they didn't sell, and i want to make sure that they go to someone that will really like them.

this purse is from queen bee and is the same bag as this one but just with a different front cover. i took really good care of it, it has been gently loved but is still in really great shape.

i bought three prints when i was diagnosed with cancer, two of them i never put up.

they are both black and white and are 8.5 x 11 in size.

if you would like either the purse or the prints, let me know and i will send them to you. no charge, i just want them to go to someone that i know will really like to have them. plus, it will give me a chance to send some happy mail. double bonus.

i hope that your weekend was relaxing and you too got some chances to catch your breath.

happy monday peeps, another week begins. i am looking forward to this one (minus the work part) as it will bring gymnastics, a hot air balloon ride, my family coming to visit, celebrating my sister's birthday, going on our annual trip to the horse races, and hopefully lots more sleep and rest.

make it a good one. xo

ps) to my brother ---- i promise i will be good this entire week. see, it is only 9:05pm. i am off to a good start;)

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  1. Yes you are off to a Great start. See you this weekend.