Thursday, August 22, 2013


wow. this has been a really long week.

i am very happy that tomorrow is friday. i will be even happier when the work part of tomorrow is over.

i an looking forward to the weekend, which will include:
+++ not working
+++ two campout nights
+++ sleeping
+++ more sleeping
+++ putting our disneyland pictures in an album
+++ not working
+++ taking a nap (maybe two)
+++ catching up on life
+++ taking some much needed deep breaths
+++ sleeping
+++ getting some happy mail ready to send out in to the world
+++ daydreaming of how great our hot air balloon ride will be next week
+++  not working
+++ taking a trip to joann's as i am totally going to do this project to make some christmas presents
+++ remembering the rush of adrenaline from skydiving last weekend. if you want to see the video, check it out. forward to minute 7 to cut to the chase.
+++ not working

friday, i am pretty much in love with you. i will be totally in love with you when you get the work part wrapped up.

have a good weekend peeps. xo

ps) to my brother, i know - i know - i know. busted.


  1. I hope one of those letters you get at Joann's will be a D :)

  2. Happy mail is cool- I should have signed up. Enjoy the weekend! :)