Thursday, August 1, 2013

good thoughts for patty

we need to get our mojo, prayers, and good vibes going for our friend patty and her loved ones. as i wrote about in that previous post last month, patty needed to start another round of treatments to fight brain tumors. she had a seizure yesterday that may have been a side effect of radiation. she is now out of the hospital and has been able to go home - yes! so we need to send good vibes that the meds help and she remains seizure free. now i know that you all can work wonders with your good vibes. hello, good results for me on tuesday. so, let's work those vibes again and send them to patty, she is the one who needs them now.

thank you peeps, you are the best. but we already knew that about you, didn't we? yes, we did. you rock and so do your good vibes.

have a good weekend. make the most of it. enjoy every moment. each one is so important.

say your thanks. xo

1 comment:

  1. MOJO, LOVE, PRAYERS, THOUGHTS, GOOD VIBES, anything and everything think of and breathe are being sent!!
    THANK YOU for being you Alli and your love and kindness never go unnoticed!!
    Love ya and have an amazing fun filled weekend!