Wednesday, August 28, 2013

flying above it all

"the wind has welcomed you with softness.
the sun has blessed you with warm hands.
you've flown so high and so well
that god has joined you in laughter,
and set you gently back again
into the loving arms of mother earth."

the hot air balloon ride was pretty completely awesome. gorgeous view. great pilot. my friend marcie also went on the ride and it was so fun to be with her as she checked a big one off of her own bucket list.
it was interesting being up in that balloon for an hour and a half. i thought about how many times i have been seen a hot air balloon in the sky and thought about how cool it would be to ride in one. but i don't think that i would have ever actually made the step to make it happen had our friends not suprised us with the ride (love you guys). the flight today was a great reminder to "live intentionally" as my very inspiring friend jenny often says, to make decisons about the things you would like to do and make them happen. i think that i very much live intentionally these days (hello skydiving) but there is always room to keep growing.
keep growing, that is my plan.
as we saw tonight, there is a lot to see if you just look at the world from a little bit of a different perspective.
i thought of you all when i was in the air.
we got to go to some great heights today, that much i know for sure. 
on this thursday, may the wind welcome you with softness. xo
ps) to my brother -- since i didn't get home until after 10 and was already busted, i decided to go for broke and write the blog post. you can chew me out on sunday when we hang out all day. but, i am pretty sure that nerd will take my side, so it will be two against one. just sayin'...


  1. Love this so much. It really is an incredible feeling to be that high and just floating. I surprised myself by going a few years ago and I still think about it often.

    Living intentionally looks very good on you honey.

  2. Yep. 2 against 1. I got your back.