Sunday, February 17, 2013

Sweet Sunday

Another fun camp out at the Hanson's last night.

Today the 17th of February is Alli and Barretts 6th wedding annuversry. They are planning to do something special in the future when she is more mobile. It has been nice spending the day with the both of them.

The highlights have included lunch at Chicken Robin. I can never say no to a Bonzai burger :)

A trip to the paint your own pottery store. Jess and I have never been before and it was really fun. We have to wait a week to get them back to see how are works of art turned out.

On the way back to the house we stopped at Red Mango for scrumptious frozen yogurt.

It must have been an busy day because Malena and I are watching The Lion King and everyone else is napping :)


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  1. Hi Alli's brother, I haven't checked in on Alli's Equilibrium for quite awhile. Was dismayed to learn she had to go in for another surgery. Truly sucks. I see that she'll be getting biop results today at 12:30. Hopes and prayers for the best possible outcome and a comfortable recovery for her. Please pass along a hello and a big hug from her ol' boss, Mel.