Sunday, March 19, 2017

tired + vibes for beth + vibes for mary + vibes for kim

our weekend was low key.

stuck pretty close to home for most of it. i did get out a little bit to a shop and to do some girl scout cookie drop offs with malena, it was nice to be a passenger and get to see some of the awesome blue sky that we had today.

i am feeling pretty tired tonight. definitely can tell my strength isn't back but am feeling a little bit stronger each day i think which is a step in the right direction.

all has gone as well as it can with the night feeding into my intestine. it is just hard to wake up multiple times a night and then try and go back to sleep. hence being really tired during the day.

i have follow up appointments with my oncologist on tuesday and some bloodwork and we will hopefully get an idea of how much longer the feeding tube will need to remain in. it is making the back of my throat incredibly sore and making it sore for me to swallow so i have been using some jolly ranchers to help alleviate that pain a bit for me.

in addition to how things go for me this week, i would like to ask for you all of your vibes, mojo, and prayers for three others too.

my sis-in-law kim continues to do well in her recovery from her two breast cancer surgeries and she is home and doing what she can to recover well.

my friend beth has scans on thursday to see if the spots on her lungs have changed at all. we will definitely want to hear that there is no change, and in the best scenario that they have shrunk all on their own. she will get results on friday.

my friend mary in wisconsin who found melanoma tumors in her leg again starts her treatments on friday. so we need to send her tons of mojo that the treatment does what it should and those tumors get annihilated.

so there are lots of things that we need to go right this week so start kicking up your vibes and all of your good stuff to help some positive things happen this week. we all need them.

i hope that your weekends were really good ones and that you go to do something fun, enjoy some blue sky, read a good book, take a nap, send some happy mail, do something that brought you a little bit of joy.

here comes the week, here we go, let's hope it is full of good things and good news. xoxo


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  1. Vibes going out to you, Kim, Beth and Mary. I'm certain these ladies fight is all the more stronger from having you in their lives.