Friday, March 24, 2017

friday + good thoughts for beth and mary

it is 5am friday and i have been awake pretty much all night.

i could not get back to sleep after the 1:30am tube clearing. then the alarm went off two more times throughout the night just because we needed a little bit more activity in the middle of the night.

this has been a long week. problems with feedings at night. pretty much total lack of any sleep. a lot of swelling in both of my legs and my face from the steroids. very sore throat and problems swallowing from the tube. on and on.

the latest is that tonight will be the last feeding as we try to taper me back down to stomach eating only ahead of the tube being pulled on monday. so i have one more night of the feeding and then additional calories to take in on my own saturday/sunday so that my system gets ready to do it all on its own starting on monday.

as you can likely imagine, i am beyond ready for the tube to be pulled on monday. although i have to say, actually having it pulled will not be fun for me. at all. i will be glad when it is over, but i am not looking forward to the actual process itself to be honest. but hopefully it will be quick and there will be no complications.

i am looking forward to two days of not having to be in the office and just being able to be more comfortable and around family.

i would also like to ask that you kick up the vibes, prayers, and for beth and mary today.

today mary starts her injection treatments for the melanoma tumors in her leg in wisconsin. i already got an update from her this morning that she got a good nights sleep and is ready to kick some melanoma ass today. i love that spirit she has, she is a fighter, that is for sure.

today beth gets her scan results regarding the spots on her lungs so that we know what lays ahead for her. this is a big day and one that i know has made her (and all of us that love her) anxious for quite a while. i know that with all of your good vibes, prayers, and mojo she will get the news that there is either no change or those damn spots have shrunk. anything else is just not acceptable. she is also one hell of a fighter, and i know that she too appreciates all of the support and good vibes.

i hope that you all have a really good weekend. enjoy it. make the most of it.

thanks for all of the love and support and vibes that you are sending my way -- and to mary and beth -- and please keep sending my sister kim good vibes as well as she continues her recovery from surgeries. i get to see her this weekend which i am very much looking forward to.

enjoy your weekends.


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  1. sending big love to you, mary, beth and kim. hope you're able to rest a bit this weekend. xoxo
    (just realized I typed all in lowercase, must've been channeling you!) :)