Friday, March 10, 2017

Hospital Stay

Unfortunately Alli's stomach just does not want to cooperate even with the steroids and a couple different medications we have tried this week.  Since the new meds still weren't making it to where she could eat more than a couple bites a food a day we decided to admit her to the hospital to try and get her body some nutrition.  Definitely not where we wanted to be but hopefully this will be the first step in getting her nutrition levels up and her body recovering to where she can get back to eating more normally.

So off to the ER we went this morning.  We originally had thought she would get a TPN line that would give her nutrients directly into her bloodstream.  After talking with doctors at UW we decided to first try a NG line that has a lower risk of complications.  The NG tube is essentially a small feeding tube that goes through her nose, through her stomach, and into her small intestine.  They then can provide her a feeding solution that bypasses her stomach and hopefully allows her to get more than just a couple bites of food and some nutrition into her body.   

They are also going to do a CT scan shortly to see if they can see anything that would be causing the nausea.  In the NG tube they will slowly start giving her a feed solution tonight and through the night.  Depending on how it takes they will continue to increase the amount through the weekend and routinely check her bloodwork to see how her body is responding to the nutrients.  We'll see how it goes over the weekend and figure out a plan for the next steps and going home. 

Please keep sending us the good thoughts and prayers; we'll take everyone of them. 


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