Sunday, March 12, 2017

Hospital... Day 3

Day 3 of the hospital visit brought some continued steps forward.  Last night was still a little rough but mainly as the steroids made it hard for Alli to get to sleep.  The nausea was present some but she didn't experience the same hard time as on the first night.  Alli has continued to be able to eat the liquid diets and is feeling hungrier so that is a good sign.  Also, she handled the feed at the slow rate for 24 hours without any issues so they have been ramping up the amount they are giving her to try and build back her nutrition.  She is almost up to the rate that the nutritionist set for a full dose and will continue the tube through the night (she can sleep while it keeps pumping). 

Knock on wood, if the feeding continues to go well and depending on her blood work they may try and get for her to start eating solid food again tomorrow.  How long the feeding tube stays in will depend on how that goes and how her body handles it.  Whether she needs to swap out the tube for a smaller home version or it comes out together really depends on if she can handle eating a normal amount of if it needs to be supplemented with the feed for nutrition.   

The nausea has also been manageable today.  It comes on a little bit as it gets about time for her next dose of the meds but the nurses have done a great job of keeping up on it to make sure the meds stay on schedule. 

The hopeful plan would be for us to head home on Tuesday.  Lets keep our fingers crossed we keep going in the right direction for that to happen.  There is a certain 8-year old girl we have both been missing immensely these last few days. 


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