Tuesday, January 31, 2017

your vibes worked their magic,keep it coming

well you all worked your magic today with the good vibes for mary.

she got the approval from her insurance to have her scan on friday.

yes to that!!

so now keep your vibes going for her scans on friday that they do not find melanoma anywhere other than the one area she knows of on her leg.

kim's pre-op appointment today went as well as it could have minus the needle pokes she endured.

she will check in for surgery at 8:45am tomorrow, so start kicking up the good vibes, prayers, mojo for the morning.

we expect it may be a night with not a lot of sleep around here tonight, so you could also send us all some sleep vibes for the next week too.

on another good note, i got the ok to use some cream today to try and help my joint aches which have got increasingly worse. my right arm, shoulder, and hip are not being cooperative with me in the last couple of weeks. so i am hoping that this cream is the magic i need to get some much needed pain relief.

thanks for all the support.

you have got this kim, you are a fighter and can do this. that i know for sure. we love you.


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