Monday, January 30, 2017

good vibes for mary + kim

my friend mary is waiting on her insurance to confirm that they are going to approve the scans that she needs to have to confirm if melanoma is anywhere else in her leg or her body. let me repeat, waiting on her insurance to confirm if they are going to approve. it makes me so angry that cancer patients (or anyone) have to wait for their insurance to confirm that they will approve the tests that will help to save their lives. so please send good thoughts her way that her insurance pulls through or i may need to fly out to wisconsin and kick some insurance ass myself. for real.

speaking of insurance, the issues that are happening at a national level around insurance make me so angry. and so scared. i could write a long, long post about that and probably will soon. the fact that insurance is at risk for so many people, and people who do have insurance may also become casualties of the politics makes me sick. as my bills roll in from the last month which are over $100,000, i can't tell you that i am not worried about what will happen going forward.

tomorrow kim has a pre-op appointment to do some dye testing to confirm which lymph nodes will need to removed during surgery on wednesday. she checks in at 2:45 tomorrow for that test so kick up the good vibes, prayers, and mojo at that time please. we don't know yet what time she will need to check in for surgery on wednesday. if you didn't catch up to it in my last post and would like to follow updates on kim, you can do so here.

thanks for all the good vibes for these two very important people.


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  1. Thanks, Alli! PET was approved. Friday 9:15 with same day results sometime in the afternoon. I'll keep you posted:)