Tuesday, January 24, 2017

no stitches this time

no biospies today.

my derm looked at and felt both lumps and did not think that they were melanoma. he thought that they were benign growths similar to ones i have had before.

of course he said that he would biopsy them if i wanted him to. my call.

but i totally trust him. and i know that if he thought that there was any chance that they were something, he would biopsy them.

so i decided to not biopsy them and if i notice any changes with them then we will do a biopsy.

as we were wrapping up, he told me as he does every time, that if i notice anything changing to call and he will get me in right away. like he always does.

i can't say enough how great it is to have a doctor that says that to you. and you know he really means it.

so onward we go.

happy wednesday peeps. the half way mark.


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