Sunday, January 22, 2017

fingers crossed -- round two + good vibes for mary

monday is round 2 of treatment for me. if my liver cooperates with me. all fingers and toes crossed.

my cold is still kicking my you-know-what.

and the side effects continue on. dry skin which is painful at this point on my eyes/ears. little appetite. dry mouth. fatigue.

we check in early tomorrow at 7am for bloodwork so it will be an early and a long day.

so please send your good thoughts and mojo to my liver for the morning. we need it to cooperate with me again.

also, speaking of good thoughts, please also send them to my friend mary in wisconsin. i have wrote about mary many times before on the blog. mary found a lump this week on monday and got results on friday that melanoma is back in her leg. she is working to figure out what her next steps will be. so please send her all your prayers and good mojo because she is going to need it.

damn melanoma.

it makes me so angry and so sad.

cancer can suck it.

that is about all i have to say.

anywhere i fight, you fight.

round 2 here we come.

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