Sunday, August 14, 2016

the aftermath

coming off of the steroids has been rough.

tuesday and wednesday i was in nausea hell.

it was like as soon as my body realized that i didn't take steroids on tuesday morning it immediately went into full on nausea mode. those two days were brutal.

thursday and friday were better, i didn't feel great but i felt ok.

almost every night i had cramps usually around 2-3am, so apparently, my body felt like we needed to keep those going as well.

saturday morning i actually felt ok (which meant i kind of felt good compared to the rest of the week) and then around noon, the tidal wave came rolling in.

i felt like total hell for the rest of the day.

if you could have seen me around 6pm, i had my pajamas on, was on the couch with my favorite blanket,and  had my hooded sweatshirt on and the hood around my head. that is basically what my "i am waving the white flag" look is like because i just couldn't do anything else.

today i felt ok, just extremely tired and like i got my you-know-what kicked. maybe because i have for the last week (and all the weeks before that).

yesterday i thought about how i had thought to myself before treatment started in may that i would never feel as good as i did before i started treatment. that was an understatement.

so tomorrow i go in at 7:45am for bloodwork and then i check in for scans at 8:20. and then i have a counseling appointment after that. it will be a long morning and it will all be over probably before 10am. and that will make a long day for this kid.

we get results next monday so this will be the longest we have ever waited for scan results. ugh.

but that gives a full week to send your mojo, prayers and good vibes for good scan results.

anywhere i fight, you fight. xo


  1. Sending a solid weeks worth of prayers your way. Thinking of you always.

  2. Damn. So sorry you are going through this but as you wrote, "anywhere i fight, you fight." I am fighting for you and sending good mojo out into the universe! Fight on brave warrior and know I hold you in my heart here in WI.