Monday, August 15, 2016

breathe in, breathe out

my liver is cooperating.

bloodwork today indicated that my liver is still within normal levels.

yes, super thankful for that.

when the nurse called me, he first asked me if was still in the building, and i thought "uh oh, here it comes" but i was wrong and he only had good news.

so if my liver continues to cooperate, it looks like treatment will be a go next week. well, if my liver cooperates and we don't get some huge surprise from my scan results.

here is the ct machine, this is the new one that i talked about last time. it is much bigger when you go into the tube so feels like plenty of room (though you aren't moving when you are in the machine). then the automated voices tells you "breathe in, hold your breath" until the machine moves back out and tells you "breathe out". that routine goes on for a couple of times and then you hear the whirl of the ct scan doing its work as you lay there.

but, on the bright side, do you see what is on the left side of the room?

yep, a window.

i love this room. it is officially my favorite. they also have the ceiling tile in this room but i don't even care because it has a window.

so today was a long day. after i wrapped up at seattle cancer care, i headed to the office. i really wanted to head home and take a nap but that just wasn't in the cards for me.

so this girl is tiiiiiiiiiiired and heading to bed (my brother will be super happy about that).

i hope that you all had a good monday, or as good of a monday as you can have. and if you weren't going through cancer ct scans, i would say it was a good monday;) xo

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