Monday, August 1, 2016


early morning to head over to seattle for bloodwork.

my liver levels were still good today so i got the green light to drop another level of steroids starting tomorrow.

very happy about that.

will be even happier when all of the side effects start to go away.

honestly, i am pretty damn tired of all of the side effects and am feeling really exhausted and frustrated.

every time i look in the mirror, move my legs, do most anything i am reminded of the side effects of being on these steroids for two months now.

i am really, really over it.

if i drop off steroids next week, i expect that treatment will start around later this month.

which will mean that i will only have probably about two weeks between steroids and treatment. which likely means i will still be dealing with the side effects of the steroids working their way out of my system when the side effects of treatment work their way into my system.

but i am too tired, my muscles are too tired, and i am feeling too blah to think too much about that at this point.

but i am not feeling too blah to ask for your prayers, good vibes, and love for our friend kevin who is in his own fight against cancer. he is in the hospital (where he has been for over a week) recovering from an extensive surgery last week. so as this man who was the best man at our wedding, is a great husband, an awesome dad of two little kids, makes his way through his own fight, please send some love and good energy his way. it is beyond frustrating to me that yet another friend is having to make their way through all that comes with those words "it is cancer". so damn frustrating i can't even put it into words. so thank you for sending your love his way, i know that it will help as he moves through his recovery and whatever may come next.

good night, hope your tuesdays are good ones.

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