Sunday, October 25, 2015


so i had some great pictures from our recent trip to the corn maze and pumpkin patch to include in this post. but blogger still hates me and won't load pictures. clearly, blogger and i are at odds. but the post will go on (but will slightly less great).

so instead i will just cut to the chase.

even though there are times during fall when i do not appreciate the rain (most notably when i have forgot my umbrella and get soaked) i pretty much love this season.

the leaves. getting to wear my boots. ordering up green teas (ok, let's be honest, i do that in every season). snuggling in under blankets. running and seeing my breath. pecan pie (i can barely wait to taste it at thanksgiving time). pumpkins. corn mazes. getting cozy with a good book (i finished reading big magic this weekend and it was ah-maz-in. wow. can't say enough about how inspired i am after reading that book. so, so good). the list goes on and on.

and since the list goes on and on, here is a great list that kelle hampton recently posted on her blog. 20 ways to celebrate fall. bring it on.

i also saw this really cute fall print from pen + paint (i pretty much think everything in their shop is great) which would be a great fall decorating addition and/or a great hostess gift for the fall season.

i am looking forward to this week that will include carving our pumpkins, a harvest party at malena's school, seeing her trick or treating as a koala bar -- and the best fall tradition of them all, celebrating my mom's birthday.

happy monday peeps, here we go.

ps) if you signed up to be a pen pal, and you didn't hear from me today, let me know. xo

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