Sunday, November 1, 2015

hello november

the last week of october was full of goodness.

celebrating a good friend's 50th birthday. lunch with one of my favorite people. a harvest party at malena's school. carving pumpkins. celebrating my mom's birthday. birthday parties for kids. lots of laughing. watching my little koala go trick or treating. maybe eating a mini bag or two of candy. maybe drinking a cider or two. just maybe.

november rolls in.

this month will bring many good things. my daughter turning 7. my husband turning 38. more birthdays. time with friends. time with family. a trip to my favorite spot. dinners. thanksgiving. pecan pie. a cooking class. teaching art to malena's class. camp outs. swim lessons. so many good things.

i am going to do my best to focus on those good things this month as the countdown begins.

oh, november.

like it or not, here we go.

1 comment:

  1. Holding you close in thought and prayer sweet friend. Sounds like a lot of awesome to focus on.