Thursday, October 22, 2015

good things

good things do happen in this world, and when they do, they can sometimes be pretty great.

yesterday there was $475,000 raised in 24 hours for amazing causes that you can read about here.

over 21,000 people coming together with an average of a $22 donation in 24 hours.

this world is full of magic.

if you want to add a little magic to someone's mailbox in the next three weeks, let me know if you want to be a pen pal.

i hope that you all have a great weekend. ours is going to include project runway, camp outs, picking out tile for our plumbing drama rebuild, swim lessons, lunch with one of my oldest friends, and if things go my way - a nap.

have a good one, i hope that it includes some fall goodness and gives you a chance to bring some magic to someone else. xoxo

ps) seems like the link i put in yesterday for the cam video for "burning house" didn't work if you were looking at the blog on your phone, so here is a better link.

1 comment:

  1. Thanks so much for sharing the fundraising effort for Heartline. What an amazing story of hope and compassion -- truly good things. Have a great weekend, sounds like you've got some excellent plans (especially the nap)!