Monday, October 5, 2015

the final quarter

how is it october?

i do not know either, but it has come in a flash.

it seems like it was just january 1st and barrett and i were doing a polar plunge and freezing our you-know-whats off in the beautiful seattle sunshine.

so as this year starts to wind down, i am looking forward to winding up some fun.

pumpkin patch visits.

a day trip to portland to hear some of my favorite bloggers talk and get inspired.

trick or treating (and sneaking some candy).

family birthdays.

malena turning 7.

my mom's turkey sandwiches.

watching the apple cup football game.

a trip to my alderbrook, my favorite place.

some black friday shopping to support my favorite artists.

taking a letterpress class.

running a 5k.

exchanging ornaments.

listening to elizabeth gilbert talk about her new book (that is going down tomorrow night and i am super excited).

checking out huge gingerbread houses in seattle.

making our own gingerbread house (and sneaking some candy).

riding a carousel.

finding the perfect gifts.

making some gifts.

three more monthly dinners with my friend chris.

making resolutions for the new year.

putting up a tree.

watching the twinkling lists.

waiting for santa and the reindeer to come.

drinking a cider or two.

reading some more good books.

taking a cooking class.

teaching art to malena's class.

downloading some good music.

lots of running.

making cards.

saying a lot of "i love you's"

giving a lot of hugs.

laughing. a lot.


trying new recipes.

making peppermint chocolate chex mix (aka the best food ever).

and this isn't even the complete list.

there is so much good to come.

the fun to come is what i am going to do my best to keep focused on as i roll through october.

all of the good.

i am so lucky to have so much, and so many people, to look forward to.

bring on the final quarter.

i believe it is going to be a good one.

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