Sunday, August 10, 2014


dear weekend,

you were pretty great. i am ready for you to come back again. in fact, as soon as possible would be preferable. i know, i know, tomorrow is monday's day, but i totally think that we could work something out for you to show up early. i will work on it tonight in my sleep, and hopefully when i open my eyes you are going to be here. maybe this super moon will hook  us up with some magic.

you and i had some good times this weekend...

+++ time reading "wild" -- loving that book so far

+++ getting a collage wall up and being pretty happy about, i kind of want to call in tomorrow just so that i can look at this wall all day (more details on the prints on the wall later this week)

+++ i am intentionally working on no longer any having areas in the house that collect small piles of things during the week, the weekly mail pile was a top offender. that problem has been fixed for good. cleared the counter, put up some favorite pieces of art, and a great wooden box to put mail in throughout the week if needed. mission accomplished.

+++ i got two good training runs in for the 10k, over 10 miles total in two days, pretty happy with that. one run with just my music and my shadow, and one with my friend kerry and her four legged friend.

+++ a chance to get down to the seattle waterfront on a sunday night, it was a gorgeous night and a reminder of why summers here are so amazing.

thanks again for all of the fun this weekend, you were pretty great to have around.

i miss you already.

love, me

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