Tuesday, August 19, 2014


today ali edwards released a new video and i loved it.

her words captured everything that i feel about telling stories.

i think that stories are so important.

that is one of the reasons why i spend so much time capturing our weekly pictures in albums.

i want to tell the details behind the stories that aren't captured from just the picture alone. like how malena and i had a date night, we had pizza for dinner at a place she loves, we did some shopping and she modeled clothes (which is what is captured in the photo on the top right), and then we ate cupcakes and she played in a water fountain for an hour. i want to remember those details years from now, and more importantly, i want them written down for her. in my writing. our story together.
i want to tell the details behind the stories that she might not otherwise remember or wasn't with me to have memories of her own. like the retreats that i have been on. how i love to watercolor. how i love to take photographs. how i love to take walks on the beach. how i love to carve stamps. how i love anything made out of paper. how it is ok and good to take time for yourself to do the things that you really love. i want her to be encouraged to create her own stories that revolve around her passions, whatever amazing ones she cultivates as she continues to grow. i want her to remember that she will always wear many hats, but one of the most important ones to put on is the hat that is just for her and no one else.

i want to tell the details behind the stories of our weeks. the picnics. the weekly swim lessons. the campouts. the school events. the lunches with friends. all of the weekly routines that fill our lives and that i am so thankful for. i never lose sight of the fact that our weekly routines include so many opportunities that we are all so lucky to have. even when it is a tough week, we are all together and that is what matters the most.

my focus on documenting stories became more much intense after my diagnosis, i want our story captured. that is really important to me and something that i focus on day in and day out. through pictures. through videos. through instagram. through this blog.

there are days when i think about quitting this blog and not writing anymore, but then i remind myself that this is another way of capturing my story and i continue to write.  

i always continue to write.

there always seems to be more of the story to tell.

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