Tuesday, August 12, 2014

collage wall love

oh collage wall, i heart you.

i had this project in the works for a while and made it happen last weekend. i wanted the focus of the room that we spend the most time in each day to be this wall with it full of art that makes me smile.

it turned out just as i hoped, and i love it. big time.

+++ the "magic is something you make" and "the best is yet to come" are by elise blaha. the "best is yet to come" print is still available right here (i am still kind of in shock they haven't sold out at this point)
+++ the "be brave" banner is by secret holiday co (i totally recommend signing up for the newsletter because that is how you will now when restocks happen, which is how i snagged mine because they go super duper fast)
+++ the girl painting on the right was a one of a kind, but my friend kelly barton has amazing pieces in her etsy shop
+++ the print in the silver frame on the left is from yellow bungalow shop and is specifically this one 
+++ the red balloon print on the far left was also a limited edition, but it was done by mulberry press co and she always has great things in her shop. i happen to have the "good vibes only" shirt that i am holding on to for the next round of scan results.

hope your wednesday is a good one, half way there. half way there. yes please.

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  1. Love every bit of this! Hoping to find a space in our new house to create a little collage wall love of my own.