Thursday, August 7, 2014

carrying on, part ii

on a day when you would typically be in for scans, you shake things up.

you take the day off work.

you hang out in a town you kind of totally want to adopt as a second home.

you eat bites of the best gluten free cinnomon roll you have ever had. ever.

you check out a new restaurant you have never been to before. you decide that their guacaomole would be a lot better if it had more salt. you are pretty much a guacamole expert after all.

you walk around in the sunshine and breathe in some fresh air.

you discover the best card store in the entire world, which just reinforces that you need to adopt the town as your second home. you want to own that store. you might be willing to take a part time job there. because it is just that awesome. you do not want to leave the store, it is clearly a place that makes you happy.

you drink your first iced green tea, and you love it.

you walk through some amazing stores, and you want to buy one of everything and load it into you car. you wonder how everything will fit. you decide that buying the entire store might not be possible. but you love the idea of making that happen so you keep tossing the idea around.

you meet up with friends from washington, arizona and canada. you sit on a quilt under the shade of tall trees and listen to great music on a gorgeous summer night. you are thankful for meeting amazing women who make your life better.

you get and give some good hugs.

you drink a cold cider. i mean, c'mon, you knew that was going to happen. you are glad that it did.

you laugh. a lot.

you decide that this was the day that you were really meant to have.

you feel like that means that things will be ok in three months.

you remember that your days are what you make them.

you know that you have always known that is true, it is just that some days make it harder to remember than others.

you remind yourself that the good days make you thankful, and the tough days make you stronger. you know you gain something from both.

you lay your head down at 1am and feel so, so thankful.

you wish that you could do it all over again.

you decide that you will.

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