Sunday, February 23, 2014


the weekend.

it was a good one.

barrett and i spent friday night at alderbrook celebrating our 7th anniversary. our favorite spot. some much needed down time. if i wasn't carrying this cold with me, it would have been perfect (yes cold, i am talking to you -- i am over you so you can move on anytime you are ready.) everytime i go there i feel like i leave a little bit lighter with a deep breath and ready to dive back into life.

as is our tradition, we took a skipping stone down to the water and made our wish. there are a lot of stones with our wishes on them in that water off the dock, and knowing that always brings me some comfort. you know i can't tell you what the wish was, but i am sure that you could probably make some educated guesses;)

we got to celebrate my dad's birthday and watch him make his own wishes for the upcoming year.

the weekend also included some major inspiration from my friend jenny. i met jenny at the your story retreat last year and have been so honored to call her a friend since. she wrote two posts about the grateful tree that her daughter emily has created. you must take the time to read these two posts, it will inspire you and remind you to remember all that you have to be grateful for. trust me. so what are you waiting for? start reading good life and the grateful tree. go emily, go.

and last, but certainly not least, please send your love to the ruth family tomorrow as they gather to honor patty, to beth as she starts her second week of treatment, and to a friend (you know who you are) that is waiting on some scan results tomorrow morning.

i hope on this monday, you take emily's advice, and remember all that you have to be grateful for. xo

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