Wednesday, February 19, 2014

one year

february 20th.

it has been one year since my stage iv diagnosis.

365 days.

this day has been looming large for me.

the anniversary of a day that i remember like it was yesterday, i can vividly remember every detail.

i feel like there are a million words that i could write to mark this day.

but, i will keep it pretty simple.

i am so, so thankful to be here. i honestly didn't know when i heard those words a year ago if i would be.

i am still just as scared as i was then.

but i will continue to take deep breaths and carry on.

it is also very important to note that february 20th is the day my dear friend ann was born and so on this day i celebrate her and all of the good things that she has brought to my life.

she is hands down the best part of february 20th.

i hope your february 20th is a good one. xo

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