Sunday, February 9, 2014

until the next round


my scans are going to be may 5th, results will be may 7th. i got the schedule on friday, no rest for the scan weary.

but between now and then, i have a lot i am planning on....

+++ celebrating the upcoming arrivals of some much loved and much anticipated baby boys entering our family and my tribe of girlfriends

+++ going to malena's valentine's day classroom party on friday. this year i got an idea from a blog and decided to do something a little different. i bought a paper mache mailbox (and some sparkle paint that malena used to paint it) and each day leading up to valentine's day i have been putting a little surprise in it (thank you target dollar bins for coming through with many of my fun surprises -- sheri, seriously, i couldn't love target more than i do) every morning. it is a fun way to start each day, i am going to miss that routine after this week.

+++ doing craft projects with malena, and cherishing the times when we both work at our desks in our craft room - i love to watch her imagination fly when she works with all of her papers and pens. i love to watch her play.

+++ continuing our friday starbucks girls date mornings, we sit at the same table each time (it is always magically open) and drink our tea and chocolate milk and eat a little food before we start our day at school and work.

+++ celebrating our 7th wedding anniversary, seems like just yesterday that i walked down the aisle with my dad

+++ playing shuffleboard with my friends mike and joel, and joel and i beating mike (mike - hope you were practicing this weekend buddy, we all know you are going to need it)

+++ doing some planning for our trips we will take later this year, including a fun surprise for malena

+++ showing up for my friends and family whenever they need me to in any way that i can

+++ dying easter eggs with malena, going on easter egg hunts, maybe eating chocolate and jelly beans (just maybe...ok, we all know that is very likely...ok, we all know it is going to happen)

+++ making green smoothies

+++ continuing to eat as healthy as i can to give my immune system all the strength it needs to kick cancer's you-know-what in may (and beyond)

+++ celebrating family and friends birthdays

+++ watching malena jump, swing, tumble in gymnastics

+++ jumping on my trampoline and giving my lymph nodes a good workout

+++ having date nights

+++ enjoying movie nights

+++ cheering for malena as she conquers swimming the lap pool all by herself, first time i saw her do that i thought my heart might burst, it has felt the same way every week since. i love to watch her swim.

+++ loving three more monday monthly dinners with my friend chris

+++ going to a bunco fundraiser for the cancer walk this year

+++ sending lots and lots of happy mail

+++ reading books, including this one, this one, this one, and this one

+++ trying out some new craft ideas, maybe even this one

+++ focusing on having the first word out my mouth when i hear the words "momma, do you want to play with me?" be "yes". reminding myself of this article when i catch myself saying "just after i..." or "in just one second..." instead.

+++ creeping closer towards 39 (yes!!!) and thinking about this post and how i too bet i am only just going to get better from here

+++ putting our weekly into albums and loving the sight of malena flipping through our photos with a big smile on her face

+++ getting a new drivers license, since the picture on mine is from when i was pregnant and had long blonde hair. so every time i have to take it out, i am reminded of life before i had cancer - before my hair fell out and before i knew that would be my first and my last pregnancy.

+++ going to the your story retreat, can't wait. so excited to go!

and the list goes on and on...but it is a good start, right?

yep, i thought so too.

happy monday peeps, hope your week gets off to a good start. xo

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