Tuesday, February 11, 2014

recovery for mary and beth

i am very happy to report that surgeries for both mary and beth went well today! so all of your love, prayers, and mojo worked their magic in wisconsin and washington today.

as mary's post said when she was finished, "Yay! Mary 5, melafuckanoma 0!" love that! i also wanted to include a picture of mary so that you could see her awesome outfit today;)

beth is also doing good, using meds to help with the pain and nausea and watching some olympics.
hopefully both of these lovely ladies are sleeping right now as i type this post.
they deserve some good rest.
my dad had a great birthday too, so all in all, february 11th came through as i asked.
i love when days don't let me know.
happy wednesday all, we are half way there - and i have to say, i for one am pretty happy about it. xo


  1. Yay for Mary and for Beth! Glad that everything went well!

    1. Thank you to all of Alli 's followers. I appreciate all the good mojo, positive vibes, prayers, and happy mail. I know I gain strength knowing I am not fighting alone. God bless you all.