Thursday, January 16, 2014

dear 2014 (part iii)

dear 2014,

you and i are off to a rocky start for a couple of reasons. apparently, my previous letters to you were not clear enough, so let me get really specific to avoid any further confusion.

i don't want you to allow cancer to mess with any of my friends within your 365 days. period. you have allowed cancer to mess with mary. you have allowed cancer to mess with beth. you had jennifer do biopsies today, and now we wait on results (which i am pretty sure you know that i hate, but i am also pretty sure the results won't include the word cancer). none of it is ok. not by a long shot.

i am not sure what you are trying to prove. fear. anxiety. stress. tears. heartache. just to name a few. yes, you are proving those in spades.

but i feel like since we are only sixteen days in to the start of you, i need to give you the benefit of the doubt. which is very hard, because you scare the absolute shit out of me, even more than you did on day one (i think you would agree that you have given me every reason to not trust you so far).

but deep deep deep down, i believe.

i promised myself that i would.

so here i go.

i believe that you are going to get mary, beth, and jennifer through whatever is going to come their way next.

i believe that mary and beth are going to kick cancer's ass, and that jennifer is going to scare cancer so bad that it doesn't even try to show up in those biopsy results.

i believe that they will be surrounded by a lot of love, prayers, and mojo no matter what comes.

i believe that good people will rally and show them that they are supported.

i believe that they will be stronger in ways that they don't even know yet is possible.

i believe that compared to every hard thing you throw at those that i love, there will be even more good things to come their way.

i believe that in the end, you will have been a year that will forever change lives.

but i also believe, that in the end, love wins.

with all due respect 2014, not even you can change that.



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