Sunday, January 5, 2014



every year i pick a word to focus on for the year.


my word for 2014.

in 2013, my word at the start of the year was document because i wanted to focus on taking and documenting our pictures. with the stage iv diagnosis in february, the word quickly changed to brave and i held that word so tight all year long. i still need brave, don't get me wrong. i think that i use brave every single day in one way or another. i will always continue to lean on and need brave, but this year i also really need believe.

i need to believe that 2014 will bring me 365 days.

i need to believe that 2014 will bring me healthy days.

i need to believe that my scans are going to come back clean in january, and that there will be no spots on my lungs, and my ovary won't have enlarged so that we don't have to worry that there is something else going wrong.

i need to believe that i can beat stage iv cancer.

i need to believe that i am going to get to watch my daughter grow up.

i need to believe that i am going to get grow old with my husband.

i need to believe that i am going to celebrate my 40th birthday, and many more after that.

i need to believe that i will continue to fight like hell no matter what comes my way.

i need to believe.

+++ thank you to everyone that has already signed up for the happy mail for mary campaign that i wrote about on friday. you all rock and i thank you:) for those of you that want to join in, just get in touch with me and i will give you the details. i have to say that people sending out a little happy mail to someone they don't know, simply because they know that person could use a little happiness, is one of the coolest things i know of. as someone who has received happy mail from people that i don't know, i can attest to how amazing it is to open your mailbox and see a name and address you don't recognize. but in that moment you know that they are sending you good vibes from their little corner of the world. and you feel a little less alone in your fight against cancer. it is amazing what some mail can do. so if you like sending some positive vibes out into the world, you are the perfect person to send mary some happy mail. i am looking forward to all of the love that is going to be sent mary's way (and i know already that mary is too;)).
+++ if you love the artwork i am holding in the picture as much as i do, you need to be introduced to one my favorite artists (and my friend -- lucky me) kelly barton by checking out her awesome etsy shop
+++ if you would love a piece of jewelry with your word of the year on it, you need to be introduced to one of my favorite artists (and my friend -- lucky me) liz lamoreux by checking out her awesome etsy shop
+++ if you would love an on-line workshop to help you continue to focus on your word throughout the year,  you need to sign up for ali edward's one little word workshop


  1. This is awesome! I love your word for the year, and I BELIEVE with you! Spent way too much time browsing the sites you listed (I'm home on a snow day and I told myself I'd get a lot of work done...oops!)- awesome stuff.
    Hey, I'm up for happy mail if it's still available??? Would do me some good, I think.

  2. i love this all. but mostly, that i get to be your friend. xoxo.