Saturday, January 25, 2014

around here

around here in the last week i have been working crazy hours at work so that i could take this entire next week off. 10-12 hour work days make for long days, and no energy at the end of the day (hence not much time in this space over the last week). i promised myself the last time i had scans and took the entire week off that i will always do the same. it is a huge relief to feel like the only thing that i have to focus on this next week is our family and whatever comes our way.

around here i got to have dinner with these two lovely ladies (hi hannah and briel - xo) that i met at the your story retreat last year. hannah has her own etsy shop where she has adorable hats that she makes, so if you are looking for an awesome hat made by an awesome person, check out hannah makes hats. there are still some spots open for the your story retreat 2014 (which i am already signed up for and so excited about), if you are interested check out all the information here. if you have been reading this blog long enough, you know that there are not enough words to say how much i loved my experience there last year.

around here we had a girls night with dinner and two hours of painting at our favorite pottery shop. i loved every second of it.

around here we have had popcorn, fruit smoothies, and a friday night campout.

around here we have had fun at chuck e cheese, played games, laughed, and enjoyed our saturday afternoon.

around here we have had our weekly friday morning starbucks date. we are now regulars, and i kind of love that.

around here we watched malena swim three sets of laps down the huge pool in her swim lessons. she is rocking her lessons. i love to watch her swim.

around here i saw these quotes and liked them. a lot.

around here i may, or may not, be thinking that i can't live without some of these ann-marie loves stamps. ok, i think that we all know that i may be thinking that i can't live without them.

around here i am, as always, a sucker for awesome lists. this week i was loving this one from elise blaha and this one from kelly rae roberts

around here i loved sleeping in on saturday morning, and i might have loved my saturday afternoon nap too. ok, we all know that i loved my nap.

around here i am loving watching malena design and draw clothes on her sketch book as we watch project runway.

around here i am not sure if i want time to speed up if this week will bring good news, or slow down if this will week will bring bad news.

around here i believe that it will bring good news.

around here that is harder to do than you can imagine.


  1. Totally a highlight of the week was seeing you! This week I'm still there with you, sharing strength and love.

  2. Enjoy the week off, you deserve it! Thinking of you and sending great thoughts your way this week- hope all goes very well!!! I KNOW it will!

  3. I adore you. And I'm holding you in my heart and sending so much love. And I might have to go buy some of those stamps now. (Big smooches!)