Wednesday, December 25, 2013

prayers for patty

we need to kick the prayers, love, and mojo into full force for patty and her family.

patty is in the hospital now as her tumor has continued to grow. she has bleeding in her brain and hemorrhaging occurring on her brain stem.

the new treatment that they had started is not going to be continued.

as patty and her family enter this final phase, let's send a ton of love their way.

as kerry (patty's daughter) said when she sent it to me, the above picture taken this summer says f*ck cancer like no other picture of patty could.

so on this christmas night when there is so much to be thankful for, one of the many things that i am thankful for is all of the love that will continue to surround patty and their entire family.

thank you for the love and prayers that i know that you will send their way.

i hope you all had a merry christmas, and i hope that you have some new memories to hold tight.

i know i do. xo

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  1. Beautiful post today Alli! Thank you for this one!
    Sending millions of love bugs the Ruth's way!!