Thursday, December 5, 2013

joy (the baby kind, the best kind)

i am so happy to announce that bentley patrick pihlstrom entered this world at 5:40pm tonight. him and his mom are doing great. he weighs in at 8.5 pounds and is 21 inches long. as you can see for yourself, he is super adorable and a total cutie. i am sure the girl babies have their eyes on him already;) so today is a day filled with joy, the very best kind of day. welcome to the world little man, you are a lucky little boy to have so many people rooting for you and loving you already. i can't wait to meet you and to watch you grow.

thank you again for all of the love and prayers that all would go well and he would be happy and healthy.

have a good weekend peeps, may it bring you a lot of joy. xo

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  1. Beautifully written Alli!! I am so thrilled for this cute little family!!