Wednesday, December 4, 2013

for kerry and patty, part ii

i wanted to give an update on the status of things for patty and kerry and their family today, and to say thanks for all of the love and mojo that you are sending their way. kerry was very appreciative of knowing that a ton of love was coming their way today, and your good thoughts are so appreciated.

unfortunately, patty's scans showed that the tumor is growing. i won't go into the specifics of what that means. but what i will go into is that we need to continue to send patty and the entire family a ton of love and mojo as they move forward with this news.

kerry went into the hospital as planned today and i expect that we will have some baby news tomorrow. so keep the love and good mojo going for kerry that she has an easy delivery and baby p has a smooth entry into this world.

love, prayers, and mojo.

love, prayers, and mojo.

they need it. we can send it.

more joy. xo

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