Monday, September 16, 2013

they will soar

i found some good cures for the monday blues, the blues that were increased with the gray skies and rain today. ugh.

she picked out her halloween costume for this year. we got invited to a halloween party for one of her classmates today (and at dinner she informed us that we would just need to drop her off and pick her up, she didn't want us to stay...and so it begins), and so i decided it was the perfect catalyst to inject some fun into our monday night. can you guess what she is going to be? yep, good guess.

we also got our chalk backgrounds printed at staples for our family pictures this weekend. so excited about those backgrounds, can't wait to see the pictures.

i also scored just what i was looking for to make some christmas gifts, love it when the plan in my head actually becomes a reality. super excited to start working with my dad to make it all happen.

lastly, i believe in giving malena all of the encouragement possible that she can be whatever she wants to be, and she can soar as high as she wants to (maybe even some day in a hot air balloon or a skydive plane like her mommy). i ordered one of these teach me to sore and i will shirts. one, because i wholeheartedly believe in that message, and would love nothing more than to tell her the words on the shirt and what they mean to me. two, because i wholeheartedly believe in supporting good causes, and supporting the national down syndrome society is definitely one of them. imagine if someone had given you a shirt as a kid and explained to you how you could sore as high as you wanted to and they believed in you. trust me, if they had adult sizes, you know that i would be all over it (and probably in multiple colors). i can't wait to see her wear that shirt.

so monday wraps up with a night of fun that outweighed my time spent in the office (aka the not fun part of the day). perfect way to reverse the monday blues. mission accomplished.

happy tuesday -- we are inching closer to wednesday, which means it will be hump day, which means the work week will be half way over, which means that i will be a little bit happier, which means that those that live with me will also be a little bit happier too;) xo

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  1. I love how you take the time to write often on the blog. That way, those of us who follow you have lots of good reading material! I enjoy reading about the happenings in your life.
    Tomorrow is Wednesday, friend! Whoo hoo!